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Accounting/ Bookkeeping Offshoring to India: more than cost cutting!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Offshoring is an excellent cost saving strategy, enabling you to save on whopping 40%-60% of cost. Not limited to this, Offshoring services to India gives you a competitive edge by helping you streamline business processes, maintain consistency, and scale up and down with greater efficiency.

Offshoring enables you to top up the daily non-core operations (which are otherwised costly and neglected upon) with exceptional quality services, on-time work delivery, digital interventions, qualified resources and round the clock services, while the company itself can focus entirely on core revenue-generating activities.

One can't stress enough on the benefits of offshoring accountancy and other non-core administrative tasks to third-party firms.

  • Beat the domestic competition by saving on time and cost associate with non-core activities

  • Monetizing idle hours - huge revenue generation is possible by playing on time differences. while you sleep, we work!

  • Disrupting the common: Beat the competition and stay ahead of time by leveraging on offshoring synergies. Employing digital practices, Benchmarking good practices are only a few of the unearthed potential areas!

  • Tap on global qualified Human Resources (HR): HR is the most important asset, tap onto global talent and qualified HR via offshoring your work

eCloudacc is an Offshoring firm having expertise in Accountancy, Taxation, Payroll, Insurance, and FDI consulting. The firm is led by a group of Chartered Accountants (USA and Canada CPA equivalents) members of the second largest accounting body globally - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

We are proficient in using various state-of-the-art software for providing solution to various CPA firms/ small businesses/ individuals across geographies.

India is grabbing a significant chunk of pie (15% share) of global SaAS market by 2020, Grasping this opportunity would probably be the wiser business decision for your start-up/ firm/ family business/ small business/ LLC.

Not only save on cost (starting for as low as $7/hour) but reach new heights through our firm's knowledge, experience, manpower, availability, accuracy, ethics and commitment!

For discussing on the path to combined growth, please click here or email to us at


Thank you

CA Prakhar Dave

Partner, eCloudacc

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